You were an exceptional Doctor, Clara.
G o o d n e s s  had nothing to do with it.

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Cool ghost photography by surrealist photographer Cristopher McKenney.


This is frightening i like it

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Gavin Doran [7/10] Top TV Villains in no particular order. 

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Galería: Las falsas secuelas que aperecen en los créditos de 22 JUMP STREET. (Tal vez, la mejor secuencia de comedia en lo que va del año).

¿Cuál secuela verían?

best comedy of the year

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Jessica Chastain photographed by David Slijper for Harpers Bazaar UK, November 2014.
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Directors and Trinkets - an ongoing series..?

film directors surrounded by iconic objects from their film.

Wes Anderson - Hayao Miyazaki
Stanley Kubrick - Paul Thomas Anderson
David Lynch - Alfred Hitchcock
Sofia Coppola - Spike Jonze
feel free to suggest the next director to draw :)


Sin City: A Dame to Kill For 


Photographer Ibai Acevedo 

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Here’s a series of pictures for you guys! I’m having a great time in Japan :D

Well, well, Hermione, you really are the brightest witch of your age I’ve ever met.

I see Pacific Rim and I just can’t resist. Based on the teaser poster.